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I'm JLG, French Fashion and Wedding photographer, founder of "PHOTOCAMEX" - Wedding Photo & Video Studio. I'm Empara former and executive director of the international association of Wedding photographers: "THE EXCEPTION PHOTOGRAPHERS"

(The XP ).



My style is between a documentary style of photo-reporting (photos taken on the spot) and another part of artistic creation.

I agree with Yves Saint-Laurent that "Fashion passes, Style remains ! ".

Your Best Friend

To consider future Brides and Grooms as my best friends, to integrate myself as such into the D-Day and simply offer you the best for exceptional memories: this is my philosophy.

On each wedding, my passion for photography and my enthusiasm are in action. I don't think that amazing photos are only beautiful pictures, but photographs which tell your story... that you can watch them and pass on this story to future generations of your family. I work with couples who share all these values. I think that the emotions present at a wedding deserve to be remembered with a lot of passion, deserve the Exception.

Green Wedding Photographer

I have been constantly looking for years to become a Green Wedding Photographer by associating with suppliers books, prints and materials that respect the environnement. My appointment are visio appointments, my travel by TGV or Green car (French criterion 1), my wedding clothing are FAGUO* clothing & shoes (* 1 clothing = 1 planted tree)... I'm still looking for ways to make it even better.

And you? Is your wedding Green?

A philosophy focused on quality

"The Exception" is my philosophy, my Style, my identity... for an experience of relational and artistic quality that I wish exceptional.

I'm a full-time professional photographer and put all my expertise in Fashion photography in my work for your wedding with elegance.

Love is everywhere on D-Day, I put all my Love to take care of yours

Love is at the origin of everything and everything has been said about Love

We see with the eyes of Love

Love can be mystical, socratic, crazy, absolute

 We can even live only on a little fresh water and Love

 We fall in Love at the beginning

We can be a child of Love

 To be a mouth of Love ("Gueule d'Amour" in French)

Love is everywhere

But don't joke with him

 Love throws its arrows

And sometimes it is our self-esteem that is affected ("Amour propre" in French)

 We can make Love

Have some of its handles (("Poignées d'Amour" in French)

 Living in its nest

Have Love stories

 Do everything to avoid sorrow

Love is infinite and it often takes the form of a “yes !”

Love even has its D-Day...

... and that day I put all my Love to take care of yours.


JLG by Zankyou


JLG is not an ordinary photographer. His name, three first names Julien Laurent-Georges; his record, impressive; its multiple activities make JLG an extraordinary professional. Image enthusiast, he lives for his art and trains the photographers of tomorrow. Founder of Photocamex agency, JLG did not specialize in wedding reporting by chance. Very attached to memory and transmission, he wished to put his modern outlook and exceptional technique at the service of your history. Because it is you. If JLG has one of the most recognizable paws, he loves more than anything to tell you and your love through his pictures. JLG has this talent for creating images reminiscent of the works of Irving Penn or Peter Lindbergh, two immense fashion photographers who have sublimated black and white. However, nothing fixed, quite the contrary, with this daring photographer. His image-paintings are very much alive and as beautiful as they provide strong emotions. Gladly oscillating between photo-reportage and fashion snapshot, your photographer sees only you on this wonderful day. You, whom he puts at the center of every moment, you whom he sublimates by compositions in wide shots or very cinematographic tight shots, you even when you are not there, in the misty eyes of a loved one or the madmen laughter from friends. JLG is your photographer. Friend and artist, near and far, talented and discreet, an unusual mix of technical virtuosity and sensitive listening, Julien Laurent-Georges creates for you and with you the album of your lives. Dare to be excellent, it suits you ...







INTERVIEW of the 4th World Wedding Photographer ISPWP Winter 2018


What's your favorite challenge about shooting weddings?


First, I want to remind here that French people are the best English speaker in the world and all readers will see that I am the proof! Sorry, I hope I'm a better photographer than an English writer. More seriously, my favorite challenge is about “Feeling” / the connexion with people ! The connexion with the Bride, with the Groom and with everyone too at each Wedding. The Human relashionship is the most important thing for me.


For example, in fashion shows, I prefer the backstage, because the photographer can interact with the Models, create a link and it's this invisible thread that I love to weave in my photos! We often say that a beautiful picture has a little something more... I hope that in some of my photos the little something more is this invisible thread woven by the link between people. Surely, it's for this reason that I like less the landscape photography and that I love the Wedding photos.



What's your best advice to couples who want really amazing and unique wedding photos?


My best advice to couples is to marry someone who is really in love ;-) yes yes it's important for the quality of photos!! And when the couples contact me, the choice is already made ! So I take the opportunity of this article to encourage single readers to be patient before choosing the Love of your life! I prefer to immediately clarify after saying that it's important not to follow my advice because I am still single at 39 ! Joe, can we use this article as a dating website? ;-)


What is your approach to photographing portraits of the bride and groom on the wedding day?


My approach to photographing portraits of the Bride and Groom is the same as during my Fashion shootings: I speak a lot, I make them feel relaxed, I joke a little, and I sometimes make contests jokes ... unfortunately I don't have a very good sense of humor so I lose all the time... ... and also I especially try to bring out the authenticity.


How do you feel about photographing a first look?


My favorite first look is at church, when the Groom discovers the Bride enter in the church like a superhero comic (with the holy side more)! I know that this moment of Wedding is one of the most important and one of the most emotional moment of the D-Day... my technical concentration and my placement are to the maximum (my Second Shooter would have many anecdotes to tell you about misfits placement when I walked on the dress of the Bride at this important moment... but ... I would answer such accusations only in the presence of my lawyer !!!)


How would you describe your post-processing "look" for your photos?


I don't see anything fun to answer to this question ... so next ! ;-) Oh !!! If we could pass the post-processing and have our photos immediately as we imagine... it would be amazing !


Do you think it's important to evolve your style of photographing weddings through the years?


Yves Saint-Laurent, this famous French philosopher ;-) , said “La Mode passe, le Style reste.” ("Fashion goes, Style remains.”). The sentence is my thinking, and I would have dreamed of being the author! So, immediately forgotten that Yves Saint-Laurent invented it and enter in your mind that this sentence is from Julien Laurent Georges! Easy: just two different words! ;-)


What do you think makes the difference between a great wedding photo and an award-winning wedding photo?


The logo “ ISPWP Award Winner” at the bottom left of the photo ! ;-)


Robert Doisneau, another great French philosopher, said: “Si je savais prendre une bonne photographie, je le ferais à chaque fois” (“If I knew how to take a good photo, I would do it every time"). Once again I would ask to remember that this sentence was used for the first time in this article! ;-)


Luck has a very important part in a good photo, when my friends told me that I am a good photographer, so I answer that I am just very lucky. But the true is that I have much less humility ! :-)


What do you do when you start to feel "stale" to inspire you photographically?


Never show that we are "stale"... keep smiling and working... to be a photographer is the best job in the world !!!! But when I'm worn out, a hug from my wife and it's gone! Oh... yes I'm single... so keep smiling and working !!!! ;-)



How do you feel when you are in the "zone" photographing weddings?


A rainy day, with the couple who are not very friendly, with the guests who are pushing me to have the best angle for their photos (they will surely miss), with the parents of the Bride and Groom who don't want to be on the same photo, with this kind child who gets on all fours behind me at the moment when my eye in the camera I have to go backwards... I feel great !!!!!!! :-) And when it's better, I don't feel bad either! Weddings are like a box of chocolate... ;-) But I'm in love with the unexpected! One of the favorite moments is in post-processing when I discover an exceptional photo of an unexpected moment (I had forgotten the existence of this moment) and it's often these photos that I present in ISPWP contests. And if in addition there is the invisible thread... no hesitation: the ISPWP contest !



What does winning an ISPWP contest award mean to you?


I love my photos as much as my own children, so when I receive an award it's like if my oldest son enters in university or as if my youngest daughter had just lost her first tooth ! Well, the true is that I have not still a child but to receive an award makes me extremely proud! So, I decided that the day I will have a child I will named him: Award or maybe Joe! ;-) Thank you for reading Julien Laurent Georges



My Bio 


My name is Julien Laurent Georges, it's an artist's name composed of my 3 first names of birth! I'm french, I'm 39. I'm a Wedding & Fashion Photographer with a documentary style and a touch of fashion and cinematography. I'm a Fearless Award-winning, WPS, WPJA Awards-winning, the Best French Wedding Photographer 2018 ( Zankyou Agency) and the 4th ISPWP Photographer of the Winter 2018. My dream since I was a kid was to become a professional Tennisman... Missed ! My dream since I was adult was to become a professional Photographer! Sorry Kid I was... Sucessful for this dream only ! I was a French professor and photographer is a reconversion. I will end this little Bio with a quote from Peter Lindbergh whom I love: “Photography gives you the opportunity to use your sensibility and everything you are to say something about and be part of the world around you. In this way, you might discover who you are, and with a little luck, you might discover something much larger than yourself.” I wish that all photographers to discover something much larger than yourself. We are the architects of memory, we are the emotions in the eyes of the grandchildren of our Brides and Grooms, so we are the present and the future in the same time. #futureisnow